We have worked with the Government of South Sudan to prepare a new Policy for Teacher Education. We have been pleased to support the process with a number of projects, research inquiries and training programmes. The documents on this webpage represent some of the significant documents relevant to the policy development process.

A key feature of the policy development process has been the extensive range of stakeholder involvement. The policy has benefitted  from the voices of students, teachers, school leaders, NGOs, Ministry officials, state and county level education leaders and donor agencies. Four workshops took place between September 2022 and April 2023 in order to capture the voices of stakeholders. In addition to these workshops, a Situation Analysis was conducted between April 2022 and August 2022 where teachers and Teacher Education providers from across the country were interviewed. These interviews were conducted whilst conducting a literature review, resulting in a Policy Brief that provided a solid base upon which the Policy could be developed.


The final version of the Teacher Education Policy is here:    National Teacher Education Policy 2023-2030 South Sudan March 2023

The final version of the Teacher Education Implementing Strategy is here: SS Teacher Education Policy – Implementing Strategy

A key outcome from the policy development process is the co-creation of a Quality Framework for Teacher Education. This framework is designed to be used by all providers of teacher education – both in-service and pre-service. This framework is designed to be both a tool to support the design and evaluation of teacher education programmes. It is printed as the back page of the Policy itself.

Teacher Education Quality Framework South Sudan




Courses and resources in support of Teacher Education

CPD Course Summary

Pre Service Syllabus Summary

Professional Standards for Teacher South Sudan

Effective Course Delivery

SS New ITT Primary and Pre-Primary Syllabus and Guidance

CPD Implementation Guidance Booklet


Documents to describe the Teacher Education Policy Development Process

National Teacher Education Policy Brief 1st draft February 13th 2023 (2)

Wednesday 8th March Teacher Ed Policy intro session to the Policy Brief

Executive Summary of Thematic Literature Review CPD South Sudan

Report Summary Interviews with NGO Education Leaders Teacher Ed Policy

AA Literature review teacher policy workshop 31_1_23

Valuing Teacher Voice SS Interviews and Analysis December 2022


DRAFT 2a National Teacher Education Policy South Sudan 2023

National Teacher Education Strategy, 2023-2027 Draft v1 (Re-numbered)





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