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There is a new curriculum for schools in South Sudan and the syllabuses for all subjects from P1 to S4 have been revised. The new syllabuses for all subjects are based on an active approach to learning which focuses on understanding, skills and the application of knowledge in practical situations. It is therefore important that teachers involve children and young people in their own learning, providing practical learning activities in which learners can develop skills and a deeper understanding of the subject.

The Arts may not always have been seen as a priority, but the new curriculum emphasises their importance.

The Arts have always been essentially practical with a need to involve learners actively. The new syllabuses set out this approach in some detail, and help teachers plan and ensure progression. However, the syllabuses are only words on a page. These Teacher Guidance Booklets are designed to help teachers turn those words into exciting, practical learning experiences.

The arts (visual art, craft, music, dance and drama/ theatre) are a central element of South Sudan’s history and heritage. The new curriculum celebrates the variety of cultural traditions that learners will naturally experience within their communities outside of school but also aims to introduce them to styles, structures, methods and approaches they might not ordinarily encounter. The work of artists across all art forms and a range of cultures should be experienced, examined and celebrated as widely as possible.

SS Secondary Music Guidance

SS Secondary Art, Craft & Design Guidance

SS-Primary Arts-Guidance


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