Development STILL Matters...To Teachers AND Children!!

The Foundation’s EYFS expert, Pam Munday, highlights an alarming shift in approach to Early Years and a bewildering situation with respect the status of guidance documents.

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The National Curriculum Framework: What are we going to do now?

The revised National Curriculum document has now been published.

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Does the content set out in the draft programmes of study represent a sufficiently ambitious level of challenge for pupils at each key stage?

The following is an attempt to provide some helpful suggestions regarding responses to a flawed question.

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National Curriculum Consultation: Questions 3: Do you have any comments on the content set out in the draft programmes of study?

Why consultation responses must dig deeper than the content in the proposed programmes of study.

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Reform of GCSEs: Rigour, Relevance and Righteousness

So we now have Mr. Gove’s announcement regarding the future of GCSEs. Some parts of his statement to the house were not contentious.

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