Curriculum England: Professional Development on Curriculum Design and Assessment

The Year of the Curriculum

We named the implementation year for the new national curriculum (2014-15) ‘The Year of the Curriculum’.

In order to help as many schools as possible with the challenge of redesigning the curriculum, the Foundation teamed up with the NUT and produced the ‘Year of the Curriculum’ CPD programme. This online professional development programme consists of eight units covering the whole process from curriculum aims and values through to implementation. We also jointly hosted curriculum development CPD conferences all over the country.

The Year of the Curriculum or YOC CPD programme is available here:


The Year of Assessment

It is, of course, impossible to design a curriculum without simultaneously considering how it will be assessed and planning assessments that will support and encourage real learning, not just short-term ‘cramming’ for tests and examinations.

Following on from ‘The Year of the Curriculum’ we have again partnered with NUT colleagues and, through the NUT website, made available the Year of Assessment CPD programme. This consists of five units, released monthly, that provide theoretical and practical guidance on effective assessment.

The guidance is supported with school case studies highlighting some of the excellent practice in our schools. Many schools have embraced the opportunity to focus on learning rather than on numbers / levels and are reporting a positive impact on learners and on the school and its community.

The Year of Assessment programme is available on the same page, here:


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