The Foundation

The Foundation is a not-for-profit social enterprise organisation which was established in 2008 to pursue our vision of a World Class Curriculum for every learner. Each of our patrons has an international reputation in education. Their collective vision of a curriculum for the 21st century was a key driver in setting up the organisation.

Our Patrons

  • Prof John Bangs
  • Sir John Jones
  • Baroness Estelle Morris
  • Lord Puttnam
  • Prof Sir Ken Robinson
  • Prof Mick Waters

Our Personnel

Directors: Each of the Directors of The Curriculum Foundation has a passion and a reputation for developing world class curricula and learning experiences for young people across the 3 – 19 age range.
With a range of successful experience as teachers; headteachers; researchers; Ofsted inspectors; Local Authority officers, advisers and inspectors; QCA leaders and international consultants, the Directors are in demand across the country and around the world in schools and education ministries where they bring their expertise to bear on the challenge of securing optimum outcomes for every learner.

CEO: Dave Peck

Dave Peck

List of Directors
Dr Brian Male
Peter Hall Jones
Pam Mundy
Richard Martin
Alison Willmott
Martin Baxter
Dave Peck

Associates: The Foundation also draws on the expertise of an additional team of colleagues with a breadth of specialist experience from across education.